Simpson Tacoma Kraft

Words and Deeds Build Goodwill

Once the target of a concerted campaign to shut the pulp and paper mill, Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company invested steadily in environmental improvements, operational efficiencies and community relationships. When it made the surprise announcement that it was selling the mill to Georgia-based RockTenn, those investments paid off. Simpson’s persistent efforts earned it a reputation for being a model corporate citizen.


  • Served as Simpson’s strategic communications advisor throughout the mill’s decades-long reputation improvement
  • Developed employee communications, marketing materials and events
  • Developed the plan and messages for announcing the mill’s sale
  • Prepared mill leaders for responding to likely questions on the sale
  • Collaborated with the transaction team to comply with SEC disclosure regulations and to share news of the sale with employees, customers and community leaders


  • Broad recognition as a model corporate citizen and high ratings for believability
  • Positive news coverage of the surprise sale
  • Community backing that included expressing gratitude to Simpson for all the company had done