KentuckyOne Health


KentuckyOne Health sought to boost employee engagement and develop a culture of appreciation. A new online recognition program provided the platform and an opportunity to build unity through award programs, peer recognition, quizzes and competitions. In addition, 300 employees committed to a feedback panel, answering communication-related surveys six times in one year.


  • Developed an integrated communication plan for different facets of the recognition program, such as the Leadership Excellence Awards; culture quizzes; National Health Care Week and improvements to the recognition website
  • Created collateral materials emphasizing calls to action, including messaging for leaders, fliers, posters, stickers, postcards, and print and online newsletter content
  • Designed the format and process for a 300-member employee feedback panel, suggested survey topics and questions, analyzed results, produced reports and recruited annual panel


  • 2,800 recognition messages were exchanged via the new mobile app in its first month 
  • More than 500 employees took the culture quiz in the first week
  • An average of 3,600 peer-to-peer recognition messages were sent each month in 2015
  • Feedback panel survey data has helped make employee communications more effective
  • Feedback panelists are now more engaged in facility activities and communications