City of Fife


A bustling industrial sector. New homes and more on the way. And one of the country’s biggest golfing events hosted in nearby University Place. There was no better time to share the story of Fife’s hard-working heritage, and how this once farm town transformed into an accessible hub for business and community.

JayRay went to work

  • Conducted online surveys and discussion groups with business owners, residents and city officials
  • Facilitated a brand retreat, sharing research insights and engaging multiple stakeholders
  • Created a visual and verbal brand platform to position Fife as an accessible business hub—linking people, cities, jobs and attractions
  • Crafted a logo, key messages and brand guidelines
  • Developed a visitor guide, U.S. Open brochure and light pole banners
  • Presented brand elements to elected and community stakeholders


  • Garnered support for a new logo, satisfying
    divergent interests
  • Enthusiastic internal adoption of the Fife brand, setting the stage for a strategic marketing plan