Red Sauce

March 2, 2012

The video edition: tackling safety, emotions and creative challenges

Setting the scene

A mother smiles at her 8-year-old son, who is safely buckled in the back seat of her van. Suddenly, her attention is drawn away by the sound of screeching brakes.

The scene shifts to the mother accompanying her son on a stretcher into the ER. She is reassured. Her son will be fine. Seconds later, we watch in horror as the monitor he’s hooked up to flat lines.

New spin on an old message
Employees have heard it all before. While patient safety is foremost in the health care world, introducing a new program focused on changing behaviors and processes is challenging. JayRay knew the way to engage Catholic Health Initiatives employees would be with a raw, authentic and unexpected video. It had to lead viewers to the edge of their emotional seats with a safety disaster and gently guide them back to reality with a message of hope.

Tears, take one
The arresting SafetyFirst video introduces 65,000 employees to new procedures and connects them with a cause. With a reputation as a tear jerker, it is undeniably effective. See for yourself >>

Keeping it reel

By Shari Campbell

I’ve always been fascinated by video’s ability to engage and connect with people. When you tell a story with video, people pay attention. What’s more, they act.

Today we’re consuming more videos than ever before. That’s no surprise to me. We are inherently visual and emotional creatures.

According to recent research, we aren’t just watching videos. We’re making them faster than we can watch them. YouTube reports that one hour of video is loaded to the video-sharing site every second.

But just because we can make videos doesn’t always mean we should. Having a strong purpose is the first step to making an effective video.

When I set out to work on a video project, I follow three additional principles. Infuse the story with emotion. Show rather than tell.

And my favorite principle of all: be creative.

Shari is known for her infectious sense of humor and uncanny ability to find actionable solutions for her clients’ toughest dilemmas. Her hobbies include hiking, wine tasting with her husband and spending time with her daughters and Bailey, the family’s Golden Retriever.

4 Ways to make impactful videos

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