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April 15, 2014

Tissue, two-wheeled adventures and a dude named Dollar


Remember holding your baby for the first time?


GET hoped to help people connect the dots from birth to college with its guaranteed college savings plan. Past campaigns playfully encouraged parents to save. Still, some people were confused about GET’s security and flexibility.

JayRay prescribed an emotional approach to set the record straight, cut through the clutter—and tug at the heartstrings. The strategy: show how quickly children grow up, reinforcing the need for parents to take their own first step to college savings.

The television commercial opens with a new dad holding the hand of his newborn baby for the first time. A toddler beams as he takes his first steps. A dad cheers as his 5-year-old takes off on her first two-wheeled adventure.  

Careful attention to every production detail, from scene location and artful direction to final edits, underscore the message that GET is a rock-solid option for college savings. 

Radio and print ads support the TV campaign by providing additional facts about GET: affordable, flexible and secure.

Now as parents prepare and dream for their children, they feel confident about saving with GET, Washington state’s 525 prepaid college savings plan.

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By Sam Dollar

I know what you’re thinking. With a name like Sam Dollar, saving money must be a part of my M.O. That’s mostly true so long as there isn’t a cyclocross bike in view.

Saving for college? As a single dude, that isn’t on my radar.

Yet I was excited when we began working with GET. I was pumped when I learned about the program’s stability and flexibility. Thrilled to learn I could start accounts for family members, including my niece and nephew. And because credits apply at colleges across the United States, the options for the kids in my life may outnumber the bikes in my garage.

Our team is proud of the work we did with GET. First steps for college savings are a big deal. The TV and radio spots break through the clutter – a huge first step in the ad biz. Using emotional drivers (as talked about in the HBR Blog Network) to connect with customers also helped reinforce GET’s key messages.

And when I heard the GET radio spot on my way to a cyclocross event yesterday, I almost pulled over and put some coin in my nephew’s account. Now that’s an effective ad in my book. Stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that parents, grandparents, even uncles, can access GET and save for college on their timeline and budget.

Now, if I only had a dollar for every time someone made a joke about my last name…

Sam is a small-town fella with big-city swagger. He believes design can make a difference. That’s why he dedicates himself to working for clients with a cause. He rides his bike fast. He designs outside of the lines. Brainstorming session? Sam always brings big ideas and fresh coffee.