Red Sauce

January 31, 2014

The digital edition: Ad strategy, email marketing tips and mobile insights

An Evolving Game Plan
Digital Strategy Drives People from Online Ads to Open Houses

What do you get when you blend football, mobile devices and analytics? An effective strategy for advertising if you are Bellarmine Preparatory School. 

Bellarmine is synonymous with excellence in academics and athletics. The school invites prospective students and parents to campus for open house events twice a year. With print ads in place for the Fall 2012 open house, JayRay helped the school explore new territory: digital advertising. 

A first round of online ads included a mix of newspaper website banner ads, online network ads and Facebook ads targeting parents. The campaigns focused on motivating website visits and open house attendance. 

Fast forward one year to the Fall 2013 open house. The digital landscape? Changed. Based on results from the 2012 campaigns, JayRay shifted the campaign  focus to connect with people—parents and students alike—where they were engaged the most. 

On their phones and tablets.

With mobile added to the digital strategy, JayRay monitored performance regularly. The online mix evolved as campaign data rolled in. When the Bellarmine football team advanced in the state football playoffs, for example, JayRay added new keywords to the campaign—and eliminated what wasn't working.

Clicks to the Bellarmine website nearly doubled. The campaign ended with more than 70 percent of ad clicks from mobile devices. 

Analytics held the key to unlock insights to online behavior in real-time. Bellarmine exceeded its enrollment goals for the 2013 school year and reported an open house with more attendees than registration forms. 

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Growing Up Digital
By Kacie Leacy

They say you learn everything you need to know in kindergarten. That could apply to me. From an early age, I tagged along with my mom to her agency job as a media buyer. 

Ingrained in my head were these lessons:
  • Know your audience 
  • Customize your message
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • Measure, monitor, adjust. Repeat.
Let’s be real. You can’t become a seasoned media buyer with a kindergarten degree.Technology is ALWAYS and forever evolving. We have to evolve with it. 

In fact, technology turned advertising into a living, breathing tool. So, I’m updating my media buying insights from my 5-year-old self:

  • Know your audience and figure out what makes them click. We live in a world where we can target consumers by their favorite band or what they search for on Google. 
  • Make the creative work for you. You can advertise one message in the morning and another at night. You can tailor an ad to people seeing it on their phone. Use the platform to your benefit.
  • Don’t rely on one or two sites. Think about your media mix and use digital as a supporting tactic.
  • Measurement matters. I'm still earning my advanced degree in Google Analtyics but I've already learned the power of measuring, analyzing and adjusting digital and traditional campaigns. 
  • Take risks. I always recommend you set aside a portion of your budget for trying something new. Sometimes you have to jump off the deep end to see big results.
Media buying is in Kacie’s DNA. Her first official job? Forget serving fries. She learned the ins and outs of advertising at a Seattle radio station. Does that make her a nerd? Maybe. But the behind-the-scenes lessons and free concerts were worth it. Today, her iPhone is always at the ready to document an outdoor adventure with her husband Ryan or play her favorite TV show at the gym.


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