Red Sauce

June 3, 2011

Waxing brands, hairy knees and frenemies

History, architecture and personality— with a twist

Franke Tobey Jones (FTJ) knew the time for revamping had arrived. Founded in 1924, and situated on stately grounds near Point Defiance Park, the retirement community promotes the enjoyment of living and life, old world style with a modern twist.

Capturing the spirit of community in a logo and tagline can be challenging. Leveraging insights from conversations with residents, staff and friends, JayRay worked with FTJ leadership to reflect the heart and soul of its brand.

The result? An expressive tagline, fresh logo and most importantly, employees leading the way as brand ambassadors.

From its van signage to its website, from its brochures to its staff uniforms, FTJ’s refreshed brand is truly aligned with who it is – a senior living community dedicated to enriching and extending the quality of life for all seniors.

Christine Hall, Senior Director of Marketing and PR at FTJ, is passionate about the new tagline, ‘Enjoy your Age.’

“No matter your age or where you live on campus, we hope you enjoy where you are in life right now.”

Your brand tells people who you are, what you do and why you do it. It separates you from the other guy, piques interest, leads to business and ultimately, leaves a lasting mark. Get to know Franke Tobey Jones

Inspiring compelling creative
By Kathleen Deakins

It was his grin that drew me in. And his hairy knees, the boutonniere on his hospital gown and his dance partner, a bride. Clearly not a stock photo.

The headline was a winner, too: Real men wear gowns. Fun, memorable, provocative.

The point? Deadly diseases can be treated if caught in time. See your doctor so you don’t miss the important moments in life. Sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the ad is the most recent in a series by the Ad Council.

Now that’s good advertising. A big idea. Strategic and creative.

The best advertising strikes a chord and elicits response. Worked for me. I taped it to the bathroom mirror for my husband.

Kathleen grew up in a large family that handed down last year’s fashions and last week’s Ad Age. Today, she counts being the first on the Ad Age routing list as a major perk of being JayRay president and senior strategist.

It can be done with PowerPoint

At JayRay, we start every week with a storytelling session. We outline the story framework for the week and share stories from our weekend adventures. It guides us, inspires us, brings us together and makes us better at what we do.

Long story short: at JayRay, we believe in the power of storytelling.

We want to help you tell your stories better using business’s most notorious frenemy, PowerPoint. Yes, it can be done!

We’ve done the research. We’ve tested our theories. And now we want you to enjoy our Prezi: Making Presentations Powerful