Red Sauce

October 13, 2011

Design plays with fire and PR dances to electronica

Marketing re-mix launches media fanfare

It was the kind of opportunity PR pros dream about. Savvy client develops and implements smart customer relations campaign. Emphasizes social media. Dials agency to navigate next steps.

Online music retailer Beatport was preparing for the worldwide launch of its new retail site. With Beatport’s beta campaign in place, JayRay identified unique opportunities to integrate PR in the marketing mix.

After surveying existing marketing and customer engagement plans, JayRay set to work developing a PR strategy that would position the online music purveyor as a major player in the digital music realm and earn the client recognition for its business smarts.

Searching data points and shopping carts, JayRay created a mashup of media outreach and public relations tactics. Press releases and Beatport executive blog posts on launch day led to strategic media coverage and a social media surge.

Customers were particularly eager to hear from Beatport’s CEO. Since this was the first time the site had drastically changed since 2004, the blog was a customer manifesto explaining Beatport’s dedication to DJs:

“While we are, at heart, a record store...Our customers are at the core of everything we do at Beatport...We like to say that Beatport was designed for DJs by DJs." (Read the full blog post here)

Learn more about JayRay’s PR remix for Beatport >>

Money ain’t a thang

By Sam Dollar

Creative director by day. Sculptor by night. That’s my MO.

My creative juices are always flowing. But it’s the opportunities to channel my creativity into something bigger that truly fills my proverbial cup.

Sure my last name is synonymous with our currency, but it’s the almighty cause that thrills and excites me.

Helping Pierce County children be great with billboard designs, guiding a retirement community in Eastern Washington into a new era with a new logo, fighting disease with playful hand washing ads, welding interactive sculptures for Bumbershoot attendees to experience.

I love building ideas from the ground up.Ditto for twisted metal masterpieces. Because when what I do makes a difference, dollar signs don’t mean a thing.

Sam Dollar likes to play with fire—literally. Fueled by flames, he wields welding torches to shape steel into art. His preferred mode of transportation is his bicycle and he is fiercely dedicated to fueling JayRay by keeping the office stocked with strong, local coffee.


Managing Issues

Members complaining about a fee increase of $1?

A customer injured while shopping at your business?

Neighbors up in arms about your plans to enlarge your facility?

Managing issues large and small is a challenge that faces almost every PR and communications professional.

We’ve developed the Issues Management Checklist to help you evaluate a sticky situation and decide whether to take action.