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December 7, 2011

Hot dogs at 30,000 feet and holiday notions of the Northwest

Bank branding inspired by our own backyard

Northwest Commercial Bank boasts a personality as distinct as the region for which it was named. Developing a tagline befitting the bank’s charm was a key strategy for launching an advertising campaign that would set the bank apart from its many competitors.

After exploring the bank’s unique characteristics in creative sessions, a tagline emerged:
Banking with a Northwest Touch

Radio ads featuring a voice resembling the Eddie Bauer-clad guy next door encouraged local folks and businesses to try this new brand of banking. A series of billboard and newspaper ads followed with headlines “We’ll Find Your Yes” and “Experience Banking with a Northwest Touch.”

A new customer referral program underscored the bank’s distinct characteristic. Sharing the spotlight with local retail giant REI, the bank offered REI gift cards for new checking accounts in statement stuffers, website pages and billboards.

Often, the best results from advertising are the unexpected. In the case of Northwest Commercial Bank, staff member enthusiasm and pride branded the campaign a success.

Hot dogs high in the sky
By Jen Rittenhouse

I was soaring toward Minneapolis when the flight attendant made the announcement. “We’ll be moving through the cabin in a moment with our beverage service and free hot dogs.”

Free hot dogs? I imagined the strategy session where airline execs decided to offer free hot dogs. What were they thinking? Value proposition? Brand differentiation?

The hot dog cart made its way down the aisle and I quickly noticed I was among the few who declined a free hot dog. Then it hit me: Those airline execs clearly knew something I didn’t.Their customers.

Not everything we do must be innovative. Sometimes our ideas just have to make a difference, fill a space or meet a need.

And sometimes all that takes is a hot dog.

Jen is a multidextrous creative with a passion for the pen. She never boards a plane without a book and an avocado.

'Tis the season for horrific holiday letters

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While the genres of holiday letters gone wrong outnumber the holiday cookie recipes you’ll find on Google, in the spirit of the season we picked five favorites from last year’s mailbag.