April 7, 2010

Credit union gives thumbs up to working families

Kitsap Credit Union Campaign Supports Everyday Efforts 

Local working families don’t get into a hall of fame or win gold statues. However, Kitsap Credit Union is honoring their everyday diligence with a supportive ad campaign. JayRay helped Kitsap Credit Union enhance its brand to reflect a new customer focus: local working families. From its research 

JayRay learned that people are doing their best, supporting each other and making sacrifices through this struggling economy. Kitsap Credit Union decided to focus on this everyday success. 

Only the sentence “Keep up the good work” appeared as a teaser on buses, billboards and in newspaper ads. Even Kitsap Credit Union’s employees didn’t know the sponsor until days before the public reveal. JayRay then worked with Kitsap Credit Union’s in-house marketing team to create ads featuring credit union members who “keep up the good work.” 

At JayRay’s recommendation the credit union printed “Keep up the good work” on refrigerator magnets and other items. The message spread in a ripple effect as members gave items to friends and family to recognize their efforts.