December 22, 2015

'Tis the Season for Peace, Joy and Little White Lies

Holiday magic sometimes requires a few little white lies.

Admit it; you’ve fudged the truth to keep up the spirit of the season. Complimenting your great aunt’s borderline ugly Christmas sweater, nibbling and nodding through the failed appetizer that looked so tasty online, wooing the kids to bed with the promise of Santa’s arrival only after they go to sleep.

The JayRay team came clean with 12 holiday white lies and admitted them in the annual agency holiday card. We invite you to do the same by admitting your peace-keeping, half-truths to the special website,

Submissions are due by Dec. 31. We’ll post the entries on the JayRay Facebook page and ask you to vote for your favorite Jan. 4-8. To honor the top three winning liars, we will donate $50 each to United Way of Pierce County in their names.

What white lies have you told in pursuit of a peaceful holiday? Share your story at and you’ll be in good company.