October 21, 2015

JayRay Selected to Guide City of Burien Brand Development

Effort Will Focus on Defining City’s Unique Identity

A new branding initiative is an economic development priority for the City of Burien for 2015-16. JayRay Ads & PR will guide the community through a multi-phased process that includes research, outreach, the creation of brand identity and messaging, and graphic design.

First up for the branding work is information gathering and evaluating opportunities. “JayRay will find out what people think, good, bad or indifferent, when they hear ‘Burien,’” said Dan Trimble, Burien economic development manager. “The team will seek input through surveys, interviews and discussion groups with both internal and external audiences.”

The brand development process will focus on what contributes to Burien’s unique identity as a compelling place to live, create and conduct business. “A brand is more than a logo and tagline—it’s the sum of all things that form customers’ perceptions. For Burien, that includes what distinguishes the community from other cities,” said Kathleen Deakins, JayRay president and owner.

Trimble added, “A community’s brand plays a big role in defining and relaying its success. All sorts of brand impressions are created for Burien by people who maybe don’t know Burien as well as the community itself does, and we want to make sure we’re telling our story ourselves, authentically and effectively.”

JayRay will begin the research phase this month. Brand messaging and identity work will start early in 2016. By mid-summer 2016, the firm will roll out a comprehensive brand story with creative messaging, a marketing plan and an implementation plan for Burien.

“Ultimately, branding shines a spotlight on our strengths and our potential, builds our community, and propels Burien to achieve our vision for the future,” added Kamuron Gurol, Burien city manager.