July 30, 2015

Effort Rallies Businesses, Prompts Change

With a digital-first strategy and compelling facts, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber “Know15” educational effort set the stage for the Tacoma City Council to send a moderate minimum wage alternative measure to voters.

Chamber leaders were concerned their business members were unaware of the complex nature of the $15 per hour minimum wage petition that was on the fast track to the ballot.

JayRay partnered with the chamber to develop the outreach theme “Direct to $15 is too extreme.” It highlighted troublesome but little-known facts about the $15 per hour minimum wage petition. If enacted, the proposed wage hike to $15 would be more extreme than anywhere else in the country. There would be no phasing, no offset for tips or health benefits, and business owners would risk criminal penalties for noncompliance.

The nimble, cost-efficient “Know15, $15 is too extreme” educational effort included a website, enewsletter, social media content and advertising, a mailer, posters, window graphics and more. A search engine optimization strategy ensured the chamber’s message was prominent.

“Clear, consistent messages and graphics helped us educate and mobilize the community, which was our target market,” said Tom Pierson, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber president & CEO. “JayRay was a strategic, collaborative partner who ensured Know15’s success.”

In less than a month, the compelling visuals and direct messaging reached the intended audience.

  • Reached more than 70,000 Facebook users
  • 80,000 people viewed the video in less than three weeks
  • 30 percent of website visitors submitted a letter to the city council

Businesspeople and voters were moved to write letters and speak at the city council meeting, prompting city leaders to place a moderate minimum wage increase on the ballot as an alternative to the $15 measure.