June 4, 2015

'Industrious by Nature': Fife

Branding Defines Its Identity

A new branding initiative by City of Fife officials is timed to catch the attention of spring and summer visitors and potential residents. JayRay worked with the city to develop a refreshed logo, key messages, communication templates and a new visitors’ guide, all designed to help Fife promote its best qualities.

Centrally located, community focused and space to grow—all are traits that surfaced in the surveys and focus groups that started JayRay’s branding facilitation.

“Working with JayRay, we discovered new perspectives and figured out better ways to represent our community,” said Subir Mukerjee, Fife city manager. “This branding work will help us make stronger connections with residents, businesses and visitors.”

JayRay worked with the Fife branding committee to analyze the research and develop the position, promise and personality for the city. Those “3Ps” include descriptions such as being accessible, approachable, industrious and always offering opportunities.

The updated logo includes intentionally strategic elements. The interlocking shapes symbolize the city’s accessible business hub and industrious nature, while using the state designation in the logo type emphasizes Fife’s location and importance to the Port of Tacoma. The “seed” in the lower right is a nod to Fife’s agricultural past.

The brand initiative was made possible by funds received from the Fife Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC). Fife LTAC funds are taxes paid by visitors with overnight stays.

“The city is working with JayRay on a strategic marketing plan and will continue to implement the new brand over the next few years to optimize resources,” Mukerjee said.

“Fife is a wonderful community, with the ability to offer important benefits to businesses, visitors and residents,” said Shari Campbell, JayRay vice president. “The new brand integrates updated messages and visuals across print and digital platforms to drive awareness.”