June 10, 2013

Odyssey High School rebrands, receives statewide Merit Award

The Washington School Public Relations Association recognized JayRay’s marketing plan for Odyssey High School with a “Perfect” Award in the WSPRA 2013 Media and Publications Awards.

In addition, JayRay’s visual creativity for the SeaTac-area school earned additional accolades and a Merit Award, highlighting JayRay’s multi-faceted expertise.

A focused marketing strategy with multiple channels played an instrumental role in the 34 percent increase in Odyssey enrollment in the past year. Targeting potential students, parents and faculty, JayRay was able to mitigate and address the misconceptions about Odyssey to change a long-standing attitude toward the “alternative” high school. A visual and informative brochure, informational posters distributed near the school and the launch of a new Facebook community were among the platforms Highline utilized in its campaign work with JayRay.

JayRay also used the school’s existing raw footage to write, reshape and deliver a new promotional video that was enthusiastically embraced. The piece focused on three key areas to increase enrollment: personalized learning communities, rigorous coursework and integrated advanced technology.

“The image of the high school needed to become one of opportunity for advancement and showcase how students are encouraged to excel beyond the classroom,” said Catherine Carbone Rogers, Director, Communication and Community Relations, Highline School District. “The new face of Odyssey has opened the door for renewed curiosity, enrollment and participation.”

The WSPRA Media and Publications Awards recognize outstanding education publications, e-newsletters, electronic media programs, radio/TV/cable, CD/DVD programs and websites created for public school districts and private schools.