September 28, 2017

Your superpowers? Your path to success

At JayRay, we believe everyone has superpowers. Though we haven’t hired anyone who can fly unassisted (yet), we have a few team members who can see into the future and others who create impressive designs out of thin air. Our team of superheroes can heal rifts from crises, change community conversations and—best of all—help others discover their own superpowers.

What do we mean by superpowers?
Teams function best when we focus on the set of strengths each member brings to the table. Led by the Strengths Finder philosophy, we value, hone and reinforce these strengths. Of course, we strive to improve our weaknesses too, but to neglect the strengths of the team would undervalue our greatest assets.

Learner, Relator, Maximizer—these are among the strengths found on our team, along with Harmony, Discipline, Intellection and Adaptability. Given how JayRay operates, it comes as no surprise that the two strengths most team members have in common are Strategic and Achiever.

Our strengths-based philosophy radiates well beyond internal team management. It infuses how we brand and market organizations who seek our help. It influences how we facilitate meetings. It drives graphic and web design decisions. And it undergirds our client relationships.

Even when we’re hired to identify problems, deficits or shortcomings, we help our clients see what they’re doing right, because those strengths often form the best path to solving their problems.

What’s your superpower?
Productivity is closely related to a sense that everyone’s skills and abilities are needed—and appreciated. By bringing out the best in your teammates and yourself, you can nurture your own bench of superheroes.

Looking for ways to reenergize a team? Need help overcoming a communication barrier with coworkers, organizational partners and even family members? Try a strengths-based approach to infuse energy into the talents and potential your success relies on.

We also recommend donning capes from time to time.

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