November 2, 2015

Tips for Using Your Branding Efforts to Attract Top Talent

We need to hire more workers? Help, we need to develop a recruitment brand?

Sound familiar?

Small or large, for-profit or nonprofit, employment branding isn’t a new thing. And it shouldn’t mean creating a new brand either. If you’re a marketer and HR calls on you to help develop “their brand,” read on.

Here are three tips to leverage your already strong brand to be more relevant to potential (and current!) employees:

  1. Bottle your “secret sauce” into clear, simple takeaways for potential employees.
    Brooks Running, headquartered in Seattle, mimics the brand colors, design and personality of the company on its careers landing page. It also gives potential hires a clear view of the culture with one simple statement:

    This isn't your ordinary 9 to 5. At Brooks, you'll find serious products but not too serious people.

  2. Make your brand position relevant to employees.
    Whole Foods doesn’t try to attract everyone to its stores. If you’re interested in healthy eating, organic foods and sustainability, then Whole Foods might be your grocer of choice. That’s the same sort of distinct positioning Whole Foods uses to attract its workers—and most of us who’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods notice the difference. Helpful, friendly employees who give great advice on healthy products and new offerings. I also appreciate that the Whole Foods’ careers page includes a big banner, reminding prospects it has been recognized as a great place to work.

  3. What’s In It for ME? That’s right, ME!
    Help your HR recruiters be more successful by reminding them that for prospects, it really is about knowing what they can expect from your company. That’s not to dismiss or diminish a company’s culture, values or mission. But if your company places strong emphasis on its value of innovation, for example, it’s important to tell employees what it means for them in their daily work. A nice example from Mayo Clinic on its jobs landing page:

    Challenging work. Whether you're helping treat a difficult disease, research new cures, create a healing environment or improve the delivery of care, you'll be continually challenged to innovate and invent.

    Closer to home, here’s what Tacoma Public Schools, the state’s only innovative school district, tells potential teachers, in part, about what innovation means to them:

    Ever wondered what it would be like to teach at a school that calls the shores of Puget Sound its classroom? Or an elementary school that uses dance and other expressive arts to help kids understand math and movement? As an innovative school district, we offer more options for you throughout your career.

    And back to our friends at Brooks Running. When I dove deeper into the careers section on their website, they checked boxes one and three above by letting potential hires know about other perks of working at the company, including a free pair of running shoes and deep discounts on shoes and other running apparel.