August 10, 2017


The phrase content is king is a guiding principle in the digital marketing age. According to research conducted by HubSpot, perhaps it should be amended to video content is king; 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. How should a savvy marketer respond? Partner with an expert agency to deliver your message in an authentic, engaging way.

Before you hit the ground running on your next video project, here are five tips to help ensure a success and keep you sane. 

  1. I need to do what?
    Clearly define the roles and responsibilities up front. Which party is responsible for developing the concept, storyboard and shot list? Who coordinates models and obtains location permissions? Ironing out these details will impact the cost, resources and schedule.

  2. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines
    When is the final product due? How many rounds of revision will you need? Communicating milestones and turnaround times will allow you to manage the process and ensure timely completion. (And if you can, always build in extra time.)

  3. Can I retweet?
    In the age of social media, our natural tendency is to share across channels, but some projects may be confidential (internal training videos for example). Even if it is public, make sure you own the material and can use for promotional purposes. 

  4. Have a backup plan
    Weather forecasts change and construction delays happen. Anticipate the possible roadblocks and be prepared to deliver smart solutions. Having a backup plan will allow you to maintain the schedule and budget.

  5. Keep calm and carry on
    All the preparation in the world can’t always ensure a completely smooth process. Embrace the journey and keep in mind that your audience won’t know if you need to swap out a location, prop or line—even if you will. 

Pro-tip: Detailed preparation and execution is critical, but if a video is released without a promotional plan, will anyone see it? Devise an integrated plan across all channels (owned, paid, earned) to extend and amplify the impact of your message. 

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