August 11, 2015

Win Employees' Hearts and Minds

Four ways to increase employee engagement

According to a 2015 Gallup survey, employee engagement is at a three-year high. That’s great—right? Not really.

While the survey showed a modest increase in those who describe themselves as “engaged,” half of those surveyed say they are "not engaged" and 16.8% are "actively disengaged."

Employee engagement—or lack thereof—is a leading indicator of future business success, so it makes sense to cultivate your corporate culture and boost employee loyalty.

Here are four ways you can win the hearts and minds of your team:

  1. Step up your game 
    There are many things competing for employees’ time and attention. Make sure the content you produce for them is interesting, useful and visually appealing.

  2. Cut the corporate speak
    Be authentic and approachable, and eliminate jargon and too-formal language. We recently worked with senior leaders at a large corporation to translate the organization’s strategic plan into three thematic content buckets, rather than a document that read like an MBA thesis.

  3. Connect and collaborate
    Create genuine and less structured ways for co-workers to share ideas, solve challenges and create meaning in their work. Provide interactive feedback channels so leaders can hear, acknowledge and discuss what’s on employees’ minds. A leader I respect invites five to seven front-line employees to lunch every month to preview and test communications in advance. Because she’s so genuine and open, employees freely share with her what messages resonate—and what messages and words fall flat.

  4. Shine a spotlight
    Recognize those who are doing great work. Even a small reward can boost morale and help people feel appreciated. At JayRay, dollar bills are dished out every Monday morning during staff meeting for employees’ good work or exceptional client service.

Keeping talented employees engaged and energized takes time and resources. The return on investment is well worth the effort.

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