February 1, 2018

Time to get rid of your Facebook reviews?

The power of negative Facebook reviews can weigh heavily on a small business or organization. While transparency should always be valued and considered, sometimes it makes sense to disable the review section entirely.

Temporarily closing reviews can especially make sense for organizations or campaigns that benefit from a Facebook presence, but do not provide a service or need to display customer reviews.

During a crisis it’s common to become a target of social “crowd sourcing.” This is when people read about something that happened and then post a bad review, even if they haven’t been to or worked with your business.

It’s difficult to report these comments to Facebook because they appear to be real. In an unfavorable crowd sourcing situation, you should consider temporarily disabling your review section until the issue has passed.

To disable Facebook reviews:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your page
  2. Click Edit Page in the left column
  3. Click Settings next to Reviews
  4. Click to select Off
  5. Click Save

If you’re an organization that benefits from ratings and wants to keep them active, remember to respond to each negative comment with a response that addresses the issue. Your customers will take notice.

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