February 25, 2016

Time to Freak Out About Ad Blocking Software?

Relevant, native advertising to the rescue

The value of an earned media strategy in a world where ad blocking is becoming more prevalent is worth repeating (see Dodging Ads).

But what does ad blocking mean for your digital advertising strategy? Is digital advertising still a good investment? It can be:

Not all views are created equal

Yes, it’s true that your ads may be slightly less visible because a few viewers choose to use ad blocking software. But consider your audience. People who block ads aren’t likely to be your core audience because they are unwilling to interact with online advertising in the first place.

Use native advertising
There is no third party software that can block Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn native ad placements. However, users CAN still block certain ads within the site. For example, a Facebook user can click “I don’t want to see this ad” when on Facebook itself. But users can’t use a special software program not associated with Facebook to block your ads.

Relevancy always wins
Ad blocking software exists because people have found ads to be annoying. The best way around this is to make your content relevant, know your audience and target wisely. Highly targeted, native advertising is the least likely to be ignored.

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