March 30, 2017


A newsletter article. Email blast. Restroom mirror window cling.

Successful employee communication is a mix of traditional channels mixed together with a few curve balls to catch people’s attention. 

Intranet news stories and leader talking points are a must, for example. But then push the “fun” button. How can you enhance the outreach to get employees to respond and connect? Experiment, start small, test the idea, and then make adjustments before launching an employee engagement campaign across the organization. 

Here are four ideas to help you add fun and increase employee engagement: 

Create online quizzes
Trivia games are fast, engaging and ego-satisfying. You could produce quarterly quizzes to test employees on elements of your brand or their familiarity with new culture-building concepts. A fun, 20-second game can engage employees that you otherwise might not reach. 

Reward employee referrals
Satisfied employees will happily recommend your organization to their friends who are looking for work. When a candidate is hired, thank the referring employee with a cash bonus or restaurant gift card. At larger organizations, you could have a year-end prize drawing from everyone who referred a qualified candidate. 

Referrals expert Kara Yarnot says an employee who refers a candidate and gets some positive recognition is likely to refer again. Referred candidates benefit your company—once hired, they engage faster and stay longer because they have a friend as a co-worker.

Post on the wall—literally
Bold messages painted on office hallways or vinyl clings on bathroom mirrors are more memorable than words in a newsletter alone. These unusual message locations stand out and help employees connect with your brand. The messages are hard-to-forget reminders to employees about their role as a brand ambassador with customers.

Raise a glass
Gather the team for doughnuts or a sparkling cider toast when there’s good news to share, such as a major award, landing a big customer or achieving financial goals. Make the news meaningful. While an email from the boss is nice, in-person celebrations build teamwork and inform everyone about the organization’s success.

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