April 12, 2018

Things That Inspire: Podcast Recommendation

To our loyal followers: “Things That Inspire” is a new JayRay blog series designed to give you a short update about what’s inspiring us this week in hope that it also inspires you.

Social media is changing…constantly.

How do you keep up?

Luckily, it’s as simple as putting your headphones on while walking the dog.

Michael Stelzner of the beloved Social Media Examiner blog helps businesses navigate through social with stories and expert interviews. On the podcast, you’ll hear from successful businesses and learn strategies and tips for improving your social presence.

Like to read instead or forgot your headphones? Podcast notes can be found here.

Who it’s for: “Busy marketers, business owners and creators”

How much time to set aside: 45 minutes/week

Where: iTunes/Apple Podcast / Android / Google Play / Stitcher / Tunein

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