June 7, 2018

Things That Inspire: Email Newsletters

I often sign up for email subscriptions only to find myself unsubscribing a few days or weeks later. The most common reasons warranting my email list breakups are irrelevant content or an obnoxious overflow of seemingly hourly emails. But the greatest offender is the email that lacks valuable content. If I’m going to invest time in reading an email, it should have some golden nugget of wisdom.

What qualifies as valuable content mirrors your personality and tastes. For me, valuable content challenges me to consciously consider my work, habits, communication, patterns of thought and relationships and consequently encourages me to be more curious. It’s that curiosity that begets inspiration.

The emails I receive from Darling Magazine and Nutrition Stripped offer more than just promotional pitches to buy this, try that product. Instead, the founders each take their time presenting new ideas and questions that really make me think. Darling’s Sarah Dubbeldam approaches her emails “like a letter to a friend,” writing words of encouragement, authenticity and contemplation that often get my heart pumping with the excitement of new possibilities.

Nutrition Stripped founder McKel Hill flouts daily health trends in pursuit of providing her subscribers with science-backed information for living a well-balanced life at home, work and everywhere in between. It’s not the try-this-diet sale (actually, it’s quite the anti-diet approach), but is rich with weekly challenges, from drinking more water to taking 10 seconds of mindful breathing to de-stress at work—all of which help me stay more inspired on the job.

These email lists may be remarkably different in their approach and content, yet both offer meaningful questions to fuel curiosity, even in the face of an inundated inbox. That’s what I consider email lists worth subscribing to.

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