March 17, 2017


The bigger the event, the more details there are to navigate. While savvy organizers take on event planning fueled by adrenalin, hypervigilance and smiles, less experienced planners are heard repeating “never again.”

For those who dread event day, here are five tips to help take the pain out of the particulars.

  1. Create an at-a-glance schedule
    Create a spreadsheet and schedule the event day down to the task, time and person. Your schedule should allow you to check what’s needed at a glance in 15-minute intervals, so you can address little issues before they become big ones. The plan also serves as a staff schedule and communication tool to ensure everyone understands their roles.

  2. Don’t take on multiple roles
    As the event organizer, your only job on the day of the event is to check and adjust the plan. Assign staff to roles that match their strengths, from greeting to tweeting. Staff up for no-shows and hire professionals for mission-critical support such as audio visual.

  3. Schedule a walk-through
    Hold a virtual walk-through of the event with your team to test the schedule’s timing and tasks, and your team’s understanding of their roles. Look for possible oversights and areas of concern. For example, learn if the person picking up supplies has a key to the storage room!

  4. Think first and last experiences
    First and last experiences make powerful impressions; plan them well. Greet people with an easy check-in. See guests off with a sincere thank you and a little gift that delights, such as a warm cookie or cut flower. If 400 cars are leaving the parking lot at once, hire off-duty police officers to keep traffic running smoothly.

  5. Smile
    As the organizer, you set the tone for everyone. Breathe and be gracious. If you’re still smiling, no one will notice small hiccups in an otherwise great event.
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