April 20, 2017


Running a blog is no easy task. When writer’s block arrives with a thud, it gets harder to push forward. Don’t fall asleep brainstorming at the keyboard. Instead, find inspiration for writing worthwhile content with the help of a little content planning. 

Here are five tips to create regular blog content without sweating over deadlines: 

Create a themed content calendar
Plan the months ahead with a content calendar that includes publication dates, deadlines, topics and writers. Start with one post a week and work your way up to two or three. Define every month with a theme. For example, if you’re a nonprofit health organization, use “prevention tips” or “survivor stories” as a theme. Not sure where to start? Think of yourself as a teacher, and your audience as students. What would they want to learn? 

Switch up the structure
Tired of writing in the same old style? Find inspiration in the blog format. Q&A or quiz? Lists or FAQs? Infographic or long form? Try out a vlog (video blog). Pick the format, then ask: How does this blog format benefit my message and call to action? For example, an infographic would be a better way to visually present the effects of legislation than a dryly written blog post. 

See what’s trending  
Feel like your ideas are stale? Google Trends provides powerful insight into what people are scouring on the web. Sort by category to find hot topics in your industry, or type in a keyword and discover related subjects. Stay in the know, and use a trending topic to inspire reactive blog content. 

Read, read, read 
Industries don’t exist in silos, so don’t conquer the blogosphere alone. Find inspiration from peers—and even competitors. It still rings true: The more you read, the more creativity starts to flow. But don’t limit yourself to your own industry. If you’re in travel and tourism, dive into educational video blogs to gain insight into creating engaging animated content. In tech? Use design blogs to discover how companies visualize their brands. Inspiration lives everywhere.

Feature guest bloggers 
Sometimes, we’re tapped out: Out of time, out of resources, out of brain power. Once a month, schedule a guest blogger to take on writing. First think: How can my audience benefit from this guest blogger’s perspective? Interview your guest for a Q&A, or release the reigns and have an editor for the day. 

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