September 29, 2016


I’ll say it out loud: No one wants to be on every social media platform.

Too many organizations think they’ll miss out on key customers or constituents if they skip even the most underutilized social tool (ahem, Google+).

Success on social media comes down to a simple, two-part question: Who are you trying to reach and why? If you can’t answer the question in less than 140 characters, your social media presence might need to be revamped.

Frequent posting is an excellent way to show your organization is active, but overextending your presence on social media can diminish the quality of your content. Good social media content relies on strategy, planning and reflection.

Instead of stressing about posting on Facebook three times a day, try posting interactive, visual content—such as infographics or an event photo gallery—four times a week. Create realistic goals for how much time and energy you can dedicate to crafting a social presence. Social media should be an opportunity to put your best foot forward, so never post content that isn’t up to snuff.

All content should be intentional. As consumers, many of us use different channels for different purposes. As an organization, if you can understand those purposes and provide quality content, you’ll form deeper relationships with your followers.

Start narrowing the focus by channel. Here’s how I personally use each social platform:

  • Twitter: I provide newsworthy updates in a timely fashion.
  • Facebook: I frequently host events and try to keep the conversation going afterward.
  • LinkedIn: I interact with industry leaders to develop connections in my field.
  • Pinterest: I want people to be inspired by the products or ideas I share.
  • Instagram: I want my company’s brand to be highly visual. 
Utilizing the social platforms that your target audience uses regularly will help you be more successful. If you don’t have the time, people or money to manage and create content for multiple platforms, choose the one that will have the best return.

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