December 21, 2017

Resolve to Think More Creatively in 2018

‘Tis the season to start new habits, and this one doesn’t have anything to do with doughnuts in your diet. Resolve to try some of the following tips to jump-start creativity with your projects and problem solving in 2018.

Start a stash for ideas and praise

Collect stories, articles, photos, quotes and cartoons that catch your eye. The format can be a paper journal, manila envelope or a digital folder. The point is to grow a stash of ideas and inspiration you can pull from in the future.

At JayRay we keep a box of index cards with creative thinking tips. Each JayRayer contributed an idea card in the beginning; now we add suggestions or pull a card when inspiration runs dry.

Do something other than the assigned task

Stuck on solving a problem? Relieve the pressure by doing something different. Some JayRayers go for a run or take a brisk walk around the building (more of the latter).

Read something unrelated to the topic at hand. Take 10 minutes to scroll through Pinterest or Communication Arts. Listen to your favorite music—you’ll think more creatively when you’re in a better mood.

Change up your tools

Turn away from the computer screen and use other tools. “Often my best thinking comes from physically moving a pen across a page,” says JayRay advisor Katie Whittier.

Doodle during a conference call or make shapes with Play-Doh. Using your hands kickstarts your thinking. “Work that only comes from the head isn’t any good,” writes artist Austin Kleon. “Find a way to bring your whole body into your work.”

Other tools include other voices. We sometimes take a JayRay colleague to coffee off-site to discuss a project. If you include people in a brainstorming session who aren’t closely involved in a project, the divergent thinking will help you get as far away as possible from the obvious answer.

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