July 19, 2018

Pull Up a Chair: Q&A with Bethany Doane, Operations Manager and Principal

Bethany Doane does it all. She’s the first face you see when you walk through JayRay’s door, she manages payroll, employee benefits, billing, HR work and all the details that keep our business running efficiently. 

In her five years with JayRay, this number-crunching, former controller has found a creative home. Pull up a chair and get to know Bethany, our operations manager and principal.

What’s your background?

I grew up here. I went to Foss High School in Tacoma and the University of Washington in Seattle, where I was a finance major. I married a boy who went to Tacoma’s Wilson High School. I was with Boeing for a few years, then worked in Vancouver, Washington and then came back to Tacoma for 17 years at a CPA firm.  

What attracted you to JayRay?

It was so completely different from anything I had ever done. My career to that point had been finance, cost accounting, that sort of thing. So when I saw the JayRay website, it looked like so much fun.

What is it like to be a ‘numbers person’ with all of these designers, writers and creative people?

I have absolutely loved that part of the job. Working with a creative team helps me think more creatively, too.

What are some things you do as operations manager?

Everything from agency financials, payroll and HR to leases, health care, insurance, 401k administration, to supplies to anything else that needs to be done from an operations standpoint.

How have you been involved as one of JayRay principals?

I’ve helped the executive team think about our staffing needs, and together we’re evaluating our efforts to grow the business. I’ve been able to streamline processes that help us work more efficiently. I’m inspired by the creative thinking around here—it applies to office management, too!

What are some of your favorite projects?

I really enjoyed seeing the South Sound Together campaign come together. It’s also been fun to watch the Tacoma South Sound Sports Commission grow more prominent as we work with them. And I always love our holiday cards.

What’s your favorite part of your job at JayRay?

Being around all of this creativity. I’ve been here five years and it still seems new. It’s helped me tap into my creative side for various projects and problem solving.

What are you serving at a summer barbecue?

It’s funny you ask. My husband has been trying to eat vegan lately, which is causing havoc! So I keep thinking of things we could barbecue and then remember, ”Oh, Jim won’t eat that.” And so he eats five things over and over again—it’s so boring! However, we did grill salmon for the first time this summer.

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