March 9, 2017


Tweeting off-the-cuff can be one of the best ways to create reactive content for social media, but when you’re covering an elaborate event, always be prepared. For the Isaiah Thomas Court unveiling, JayRay went to work to live tweet the ceremony. It’s no easy task to juggle your phone, the media and testing your photographer’s eye.

Avoid blurry photos and embarrassing typos with these four live tweeting tips:

  1. Draft potential tweets
    Avoid careless typos by printing out your draft tweets. Look at the event program and visualize the pictures to draft tweet opportunities. Collect details of the event, from the names of the speakers to the actual title of the event. Piggy back off established hashtags, such as #agencylife, or prepare one that is short and sweet.

  2. Collect photos before the crowds arrive
    Get to the event early to build a collection of photos for your tweets. Take short, medium and wide angle shots. While presenters are arriving, snap pictures of people painting on their costume makeup, rehearsing their speeches at the podium or hanging up final touches up. It’s easier to navigate the room without the crowd of attendees.

  3. Tote a portable charger and wi-fi hot spot
    Where are you live tweeting? Wi-fi may not be available if you’re in a revitalized warehouse or boxed in at a gymnasium. Bring a hot spot just in case. Invest in a portable charger if your phone battery notoriously dies or you are tweeting an all-day event. 

  4. Engage with the media and audience
    If you pitched the event to reporters, follow them on Twitter. Reach out and thank reporters who attended. Keep the conversation going by scouring Twitter and your custom hashtag for attendees who posted at the event. Retweet their posts and engage in conversation.

What tips do you have to prepare for live tweeting an event? Tweet us at @JayRayAdsPR.