July 16, 2015

Pitch Perfect

Matchmaking Tips for PR Pros

Music maven. That’s me. Enjoying a broad palate of styles, I’ve become the agency’s “go to” for concert, performance and venue recommendations.

Are you a fan of folk and bluegrass? Try listening to Alison Krauss.

Is jazz more your style? Dave Brubeck may get you in the groove.

Acapella fans will feel “Aca-awesome” with Pentatonix.

Likewise, pitching media is a bit like matchmaking. You have a great story to tell but the art of media relations is finding and connecting with a reporter who is likely to be interested in learning more.

While it’s fun to pitch photos of beautiful vehicles, when LeMay—America’s Car Museum was approaching its third birthday it was time to tell a business story. The Business Examiner doesn’t cover arts-related topics. But when the museum’s executive director was willing to talk profitability, the reporter was driven to write.

Here are three tips to get your pitch in the perfect hands:

  1. Read their stuff
    Get to know what a reporter covers—noting the style, tone and approach. Then, adapt your pitch to fit.

  2. Genuinely connect on social
    Reporters are human, too, and appreciate authentic interactions. Follow them on Twitter; comment on their posts and forward the ones you especially like to your followers.

  3. Consult editorial calendars (they still exist)
    Review themed or topical coverage for opportunities in print, online news sites and magazines.

Music and lyrics. Love and marriage. Linguine and clam sauce. Source and reporter. Some pairings are just a perfect match! Any pitching tips you’d add? Tweet us at @JayRayAdsPR.