July 27, 2017



Most people I talk to have heard of influencer marketing, but still question how to find influencers that are a good fit. They focus on the influencer(s) first—this is a mistake.

Influencer marketing campaigns, no matter the industry, should start like any other marketing campaign: identify your goals, audience and budget. Once those business necessities are known, then the search for influencers may begin. Download our Travel & Tourism Guide to Influencer Marketing to learn more. 

Comparing influencers 
When you look for an influencer, know that big-name celebrities and Instagram accounts with millions of followers come with a pricey fee that most of us simply can't afford. But what you may not know is that these macro-influencers (over one million followers) also come with lower engagement rates. 

Micro-influencers—those with a following of 10,000 to 100,000—possess relatable content, great engagement and a passionate group of followers. Think of micro-influencers as the “girl next door”—people trust her (and want to be her!).  

Choosing the right influencer to endorse your town 
If you’re a small- to mid-sized city, choose micro-influencers who regularly share stories that align to your destination’s brand values.   

Three reasons to integrate micro-influencers into your next travel influencer marketing strategy:

  1. Quality content outperforms quantity of followers.
    Demographics like location and hobbies, in addition to storytelling alignment, help determine quality. You’ll likely see more of an impact with influencers who have smaller or more targeted followings in a particular travel space like outdoor adventure, water sports or foodie trips. 

  2. Engagement drives conversion.  
    Research shows engagement rates among micro-influencers is 60 percent higher than highly popular accounts. This means more conversations about your community, turning chatter into visits.     

  3. Experiences are worth gold.  
    Position your destination experience as part of the payment. Because micro-influencers are personally invested in their craft, experiences your destination can offer (that match their niche) will enhance their content. 
Destinations around the globe are competing for visitors who seek authentic and compelling stories, which is what micro-influencers do best. So, get to know micro-influencers in the travel space to inspire visitors to choose (insert your city’s name).