January 18, 2018

Do More in Less Time: 5 Free Tools to Increase Your Productivity

If your goals for the new year include creating a video, launching a dynamic brand or becoming a better storyteller, you probably wish Santa had brought you the gift of time (and perhaps less email clutter in your inbox). At JayRay, we use the following browser-based (and mobile app) tools to spend more time on impactful work.


You might be surprised by how much time you spend on that weekly presentation or monthly report. Improve your efficiency and time management with this easy-to-use time-tracking tool. Create groups and projects for broader analysis. At JayRay, Toggl helps save time when we submit timesheets and expenses for client billings.


If you’ve ever been torn between a standard phone call and using complicated screen share software, meet UberConference. With this handy tool you have the flexibility to host a call, share your computer screen, or both. Bonus: Even the on-hold music doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Slack is ideal for teams that commonly share one-sentence emails. This real-time communication tool is designed to reduce (not eliminate) email, and helps teams such as IBM increase efficiency and collaboration. You can share conversations throughout the organization (and beyond) or limit them to individuals with permission only.

Google Drive

Do you ever need to access your files away from the office? Avoid the challenges of a remote connection or VPN by using Google’s storage capabilities (up to 15MB free). Easily locate, organize and share files on the go. At JayRay, we backup our presentations on Google Drive, just in case that thumb drive fails or email won’t open.

Google Sheets and Docs

Avoid version control issues and collaborate anywhere with Google Sheets (think Excel-lite) and Docs (Word-lite). You can use these tools for most of your day-to-day functions, without the hassle of finding (and saving) the right attachments. JayRay’s weekly production schedule is housed in Google Docs, so we all have the latest version and can make edits at any time.

Not all of these tools are ideal for every organization or team, but it’s likely at least one can help increase your productivity and efficiency.

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