April 23, 2015

Manage Tomorrow's Risk Today


In a blog post about the Top 10 Drivers of Corporate Crises, author Robert Moran points out that tomorrow’s corporate reputation crises are likely not on the radar of today’s reputation managers.

  • Are you preparing for a future where resource scarcity—especially water—will have global implications?
    Close to home, a low snowpack in the Cascades this year could lead to water restrictions on the west side of the mountains. In eastern Washington, agricultural interests may be pitted against the region’s wineries. What might resource scarcity mean for your organization?

  • How will you and your organization manage through an environment of “extreme transparency?”
    How do you plan for the increasing expectations of consumers who demand to know where, how and by whom the goods you sell are manufactured (or grown)?

  • Alternate currencies are growing like compounding interest.
    What do currencies like digital Bitcoin, BerkShares or time dollars mean for your company and business model?

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