January 13, 2017


Don’t panic. A new year usually means ambitious communication goals. It’s only early January and you likely already feel behind.

Take a breather and ask: Are our goals strategic? It’s time to focus. Avoid overload in 2017 by collecting data before implementation.

Understand what your audience really wants and then strategically commit time to projects. Consider these four data collection methods: 

  1. Explore Google Analytics and website metrics
    Start with the basics: Who is visiting your website? Is it your target audience? Determine the story of your data by asking questions such as, “Why is the bounce rate so high on the blog?” Determine if it’s worth your time to restructure your website to be more user-friendly.

  2. Dive into social insights
    Don’t underestimate the power of social. Facebook insights show when fans are online throughout the day, the most engaging types of posts and audience demographics. Use these insights to tailor your social strategy to engage your audience.

  3. Pick up the phone or gather a group
    Not seeing the payoff on your calls to action? Pick up the phone and call your subscribers, or gather a focus group. A communication audit can help you see flaws in your communication channels. Asking simple questions like, “Is navigation confusing?” and “Is the text scannable?” have major value. 

  4. Create a survey and promote it
    Metrics don’t tell the whole story, and sometimes it’s easier to get honest opinions anonymously. Send a survey to your existing audience to learn how they want to interact. Write questions with measurable data, such as “How many times a week do you see our content on Facebook?” Promote the survey to get a fresh audience perspective on a Beta website redesign or a new project. 
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