October 26, 2017

How to Make a Better Presentation without PowerPoint

We’ve all been there: Sitting in an audience, counting down the minutes until the presenter wraps up reading every PowerPoint slide. Word for word. Don’t be that presenter we all love to hate. Instead, be the presenter who gets pats on the back. (We can all dream, right?) 

Opt for animation 
Video content is powerful—just look at a normal user’s search history. From cat videos to music videos, most consumers seek videos to learn new information. So why not opt for a tried-and-true way to engage? 

At JayRay, animated videos are a staple. Our clients use them to engage their audiences and deliver key messages. After all, videos only require one easy click to play. 

Why opt for animation? 
  • Get straight to the point: Unlike PowerPoint where clogging words onto a screen is easy, animated videos can only have a few words per scene. Cut copy and get straight to the message. Ask yourself: What are we really trying to convey?
  • Stand out from the pack: Emailing out a 30-slide PowerPoint file and expecting all the information to stick? Not likely. Make a point to differentiate your information from the masses of emails, memos and newsletters that fill up inboxes.
  • Customize to the need: Web-based animation platforms come with icons, music, transitions and more that are easy to adapt to brand standards. It’s simple to add logos, change the color palette and pop in images.
  • Wow an audience: PowerPoint slides should always be a supplement when crafting a presentation. The focus and attention should be on the speaker, not the slides. But when it comes to animated videos, bend the rules. Use animated videos to break up live presentations and illustrate your point.
  • No footage required: Animated videos are just that: Animated. Hiring a videographer to create videos isn’t always feasible, especially when you’re trying to show data on a screen. Skip the complicated charts and make it simple. Web-based platforms offer widgets that animate basic pie charts, simple bar graphs and more.
Not convinced animation can help a story? See how a professional animator makes an audio interview with Dave Grohl come to life. 

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