December 22, 2016


Planning and executing a successful event is a herculean task. Earned media opportunities can slip through the cracks like liquid gold when event planners are faced with a choice: Oversee programming, transportation, décor and attendance, or wait for a TV crew that may or may not show up.

That’s where the communication team comes in: Offer to assist media during the event. Lift the responsibility from the event planners’ shoulders and take the opportunity to influence what messages are featured.

Have you done your research? Here’s what you’ll need ahead of time:
  • Designated spokespeople and a way to easily find them during the event
  • Names and contact information for participants prepared to interview
  • Key facts and talking points that convey your message succinctly
  • Release forms (or disclaimer language) if the event is not public OR if participants are under 18 years old
  • Media passes or clear instructions on how to get into the venue and where to find you (send in the media advisory)

Now, here’s what you’ll need during the event:
  • Your own camera or photographer to capture and share scenes from the event (video capacity is a plus!)
  • Quieter space set aside for interviews
  • A willing attitude to help in ways you can’t anticipate (“Hey, can you show me how this microphone works?”)
  • Time to roam the event so you can easily direct reporters to the right features or highlights and to scout for reporters who sneak past you

Even if no media show up, be sure to capture your own photos, quotes and video clips to keep the event alive on digital platforms. People who couldn’t attend will feel like they’re part of the party, and those who were there will continue talking about it. Free marketing for the next event!

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