October 23, 2015

Enhance your Facebook Ads with Lookalike Audiences

Are Facebook’s audience targeting categories just not cutting it when it comes to finding your specific Facebook advertising audience? Are your relevancy scores low and driving the cost of your ads up?

If so, leveraging Facebook’s lookalike audience tool is bound to turn your ROI around, enhance your advertising performance and deliver better results for your budget.

What is a lookalike audience? Lookalike audiences allow you to target people on Facebook who are similar to those closest to your brand. The basic principle is people who are similar to your current customers are more likely to become customers (or in the case of our nonprofit friends, get involved with your cause).

Setting up a lookalike audience can help you:

  • Find users similar to your website visitors.
  • Find users similar to those who visited a specific page.
  • Find users similar to those who visited a specific section of a page.

All it takes is placing a simple code (called a Facebook pixel) on your homepage and then selecting “lookalike audience” when you set up your ad campaign. Facebook will then find people who are similar (based on demographics, behaviors, etc.) and target your ads to this audience.

Here’s a real-life example. Say you are a florist. You can choose to reach people who are similar to those who made a purchase on your website. The Facebook pixel placed on your site can pull data about these customers and help you reach people who are most similar in terms of location, Facebook interests and demographics.

After implementing this targeting strategy, you can expect to see:

  • Higher quality leads
  • A lower cost per click (CPC)
  • More impressions
  • An overall higher return on your monthly budget

Start by A/B testing your ads with your current audience and then with your lookalike audience to see what method works best for you.

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