August 27, 2015

Designing Distinctly in a World of Stock Photos

I customize everything.

Not in a Be Dazzler sort of way. Or even in a 1970s airbrushed conversion van with a teardrop window and a carpeted ceiling way. But in customizing, I mean a process of recreating, redefining or repurposing to suit a specific need. Or the need might be an identity for a visionary client with a non-existent budget.

No matter the case or the client, you can be distinct. 

Here are a few thoughts on ways to bring a unique perspective and sense of purpose to design:

  1. Retouching 
    Just because it’s a stock photo doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from simple retouching. This can be especially important if the client’s message is positive and uplifting, for instance, and the photo is a bit dark and foreboding.

  2. Creating a customized font
    Creating a customized font for a logo to make it unique and befitting to a client’s business is yet another way to add a distinct touch.

  3. Asking questions, clarifying the need
    Sometimes I ask lots of questions, examine ideas, confirm expectations and adjust the approach until the design or concept clearly delivers what our client needs.

And at other times, being distinct means stopping, sanding and grinding it all off to start over. This additive process of distillation is different each time. Everything is examined and nothing is taken for granted. But to me, it’s the most effective way to create customized solutions that stand out as both distinctive and effective.

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