March 1, 2018

Breaking News: Closeout on Facebook Business Pages?

With all the drama around Facebook’s announced changes, you’d think the era of having a Facebook business presence has come to an end. Correction: Facebook is still a valuable tool for businesses. You may need to revisit your strategy, however.

Community is in the forefront

Facebook has shifted its focus over the past year to prioritize posts from family, friends and communities. As of January, now it’s official: business pages will have less presence in Facebook’s News Feed.

What does this mean for business pages? It will be harder to reach your audience, and only the best content from businesses will show up in people’s News Feeds. You can still sponsor content to improve your visibility, but prices will increase. Also, most business pages will see their reach drop.

Engagement is key

Facebook will evaluate content based on engagement. The more followers who engage with your content, the higher the overall reach.  

Adam Mosseri, head of News Feed, writes, “Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect.”

Take away clutter

Mark Zuckerberg wants to improve the user experience on the channel and remove clutter. Users have grown weary of business posts and want to see more community posts. The change is also interpreted as a response to the recent government probe and pressure to eliminate fake news from Facebook.

Quality over quantity

Choose quality content. Always. It’s important to think about content that will get your audience to react and comment. Tag other businesses and individuals in posts when appropriate to boost engagement. Use live videos and video content to generate more engagement over photos and posted articles. You can also educate your followers to adjust their News Feed preferences to see your content first. 

Another reminder: If your Facebook reach is low, make sure you’re not relying on it as your only social channel. Other social media platforms may be a better fit; prioritize those.

The takeaway

Yes, the changes will affect your results. No, that doesn’t mean we stop using Facebook entirely. Instead, refine your strategy to address the challenges—and the changes.

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