June 16, 2016

The Art of Storytelling

Lessons from our Dads

We all prefer engaging, emotional messages. 
Dads are called upon to tell stories to soothe, entertain and inspire their kids. We can use the same skills to tell stories that reinforce our brand and captivate an audience.

In honor of Father’s Day, let’s explore how we can apply Dad’s storytelling skills to our writing today.

Know your audience.
Dads know that kids of any age are focused on “what’s in it for me?” The same is true for your grownup audience! Your messages are more effective when your readers find them relevant and valuable.

Storytelling dads rely on sound effects and metaphors; you can include concrete details and quotes. And I’m reminded of the power of visuals when I reminisce about the hours my dad spent doodling and filling coloring books with my sisters and me.  

Start with the “happily ever after.”
When planning your story, start with the takeaway. What’s the message you want to linger with the audience? Then build your story, including the compelling elements of a challenge or conflict and how people dealt with it.

Make emotional connections.
People are not inspired to act by facts and figures alone—you also need to connect with your audience emotionally. Be authentic, warm and persuasive. For example, your dad’s story about his summer job mowing 50 lawns a week sounds like bragging … then turns inspiring when you find out he did all that work with a cast on his arm.

We’re eager to hear what storytelling methods you credit to your dad. Tweet us at @JayRayAdsPR.

Happy Father’s Day!