September 14, 2017

8 Tips for a Successful Instagram Takeover

What started as a fun way for Instagrammers to help one another gain a following has turned into a valuable component of an Instagram marketing strategy.

But first, what is a takeover? An Instagram takeover is when one brand or person temporarily takes over another account. Takeovers provide a simple and effective way for brands to collaborate and cross promote. While it’s usually one brand taking over another, it can also be an employee within your company or an influencer.

What does it take to run a successful Instagram takeover? Our tips: 

1. Set your goals 
  • Lift in brand awareness (increased number of followers, mentions, reach)
  • Community engagement (get more interactions, comments, direct messages)
  • Conversions for a product or event (clicks to website, event sign-ups, number of attendees)
2. Choose to partner with those who align with your brand 
The most successful takeovers are those who are a natural fit and can find mutually beneficial reasons to partner.

3. Discuss expectations
  • What hashtags are important to use? 
  • What’s your plan for cross-promoting on each account?
  • Are there particular brand guidelines to follow?
  • Does the account that’s getting taken over need to approve content in advance?
  • Agree on a specific timeline: how long will the takeover last? 
  • Who will post the content (the person taking over or the original account manager)?
4. Make your content thematic and exclusive 
When taking over an account, give your content a theme and post new photos your followers haven’t already seen on your account to create an authentic and unique experience. Check out this example from Thule’s Instagram takeover. 

5. Cross-promote 
If you’re taking over another account, let your followers know, too. Example from Sound to Narrows

6. Make photos align with their style 
It’s important to match photo quality and style to ensure you are aligning with the account’s brand. Sound to Narrows took South Sound Proud’s style to heart. 

7. Think beyond photos 
Take advantage of Instagram stories and videos, too. Consider how you can use tools like Boomerang and Hyperlapse to your advantage. 

8. Measure and report
Track to your goals. What went well? What would you do next time? What did each account gain?

For more examples, check out the takeovers JayRay is managing on @South_Sound_Proud.

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