September 8, 2016


Instagram recently released a remarkably similar tool to Snapchat called Instagram Stories. If you are still trying to figure it out, you aren’t alone. We have been following our favorite brands to gather examples of how it’s being used. So far, brands are picking up great new ways to share information with their followers. 

How can you incorporate Instagram Stories into your communications?

1. Break news or promote new products
With the ability to use video or a series of graphics, Instagram Stories are the perfect place to make a big announcement to devoted followers. Your story will stay on top of a follower’s newsfeed for 24 hours (likely longer than what you post on your feed). Ipsy, a makeup brand, used Instagram Stories to announce their September Glam Bag products.

2. Go a little off the cuff 
Most brands carefully curate their Instagram feeds. But brands are using Instagram Stories to go a little “off-brand” to show content that is still relevant, but not necessarily Insta-worthy photography, such as this example from the Seattle Mariners.

3. Show behind the scenes
Brands are going behind the scenes to show their office environments, showcase their employees or in this case from Etsy, show the office dogs. 

4. Share a special moment
Handing out an award? Cutting the ribbon on a new building? Instagram Stories are perfect for sharing moments from afar and in real time. 

5. Q+A
Needing to answer client questions? Dealing with a breaking news issue? Respond with a quick Instagram Stories video. 

PRO TIP: Want to see who has looked at your story? Open your story, swipe up and you will see a counter and the names of the people who viewed your story. 

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