July 23, 2015

5 Ways To 'Yes'

Preparation gets answers you need

My three sons know which topics to take up with Mom and when it’s more advantageous to approach Dad. They know what to say to get the answer they want.

Being prepared and knowing the audience can help us get a “yes” from senior leaders.

Here are five suggestions for moving projects forward with decision makers:

  1. Demonstrate that you understand their situation 
    Our recent ideas for a client’s ad campaign showed we heard her priorities: Low budget, quick turnaround and being distinct from the competition.

  2. Solve a problem 
    You might need to remind the boss how a community newsletter can help build a favorable reputation or that an employee event could shore up morale.

  3. Support your thinking with research
    Show how others have been successful with an approach similar to yours. Jim Lukaszewski suggests if you combine data with a good story you will prevail every time.

  4. Remove the word “like” from your vocabulary
    I like your Facebook post and I hearted the awesome sunset picture you posted on Instagram! When you’re making a recommendation to your boss, or trying to get a group of senior leaders to support the new ad concepts, avoid the phrase, “I like this …” You’ll be far more effective if you say, “This concept (or this recommendation) meets our business objective because …”

  5. Allow as much time as possible
    Plan ahead so not every request needs an answer this afternoon.

The more preparation work you do, the easier it is for the other person to give the answer you want.

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