November 30, 2017

5 Ways to Tell a Story Through Content

Isn’t storytelling dedicated to novels and children’s books? Not anymore. You may be overlooking a key opportunity to engage customers and create brand ambassadors. Stories capture your audience and are the backbone to marketing. Here are five simple ways to incorporate storytelling into your content:

1. Evaluate your current story. Whether or not you realize it, your marketing tells a story. It may be inconsistent or unengaging, but there is a story in all your communications. Evaluate your website and move on to other content channels like social media. If you knew nothing about your company, how would you describe the story you see there?

2. Recognize your audience. You wouldn’t choose a children’s book before you knew the age of the child, and you shouldn’t tell a story to your customers until you know who they are. The more you know, the more your story will captivate.

3. Make your story about people. Every good story has a hero, a setting, a problem and a resolution. Use these classic story elements to give your content a foundation.

4. Incorporate interactive elements. Various channels make it easy to story tell: blog, video and social media. Check out our guide to getting a start with animated video or learn how to engage your followers with social. Apply your storytelling techniques to these platforms and you’ll create stronger content.  

    Example: JayRay recently designed a website that incorporates blogs to tell travel stories about Kent, Washington.

5. Make your story relevant and actionable. Show readers that you know their needs and understand what matters to them. If you’re telling a story that promotes a product or service, show how that product or service can solve a current problem. By making your content relate to the present, you can excite your audience. 

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