October 6, 2016


You’ve gone through a lot of work to establish your company’s brand. You’ve established the personality, position and promise (the 3Ps of branding), and key messages that make you distinct. The brand is what you stand for in the minds of customers, business partners and potential clients.

And now the fun begins—applying your brand to every interaction and communication. It’s more than making sure the new logo is used correctly. Your writing should be a powerful brand ambassador, too. Here are five tips for applying the brand to written communications:

  1. Think about your audience first. What’s the one thing you want your audience to know or do after reading your piece? While you need to apply the brand messaging consistently, you can vary the tone and approach to more effectively reach employees, customers or community members.
  2. Use brand messages as context. Rather than restrict creativity, brand messages give you a framework for activating your brand’s personality and supporting the strategy. 
  3. Don’t get hung up on exact words. Focus on the spirit of the brand, rather than the exact language of your 3Ps or key messages. In fact, your copy will be more interesting if it reflects the brand voice rather than awkwardly forcing words into place.  
  4. Keep messages top of mind. Post key messages near your computer and review them before you even begin writing a draft. As time goes on, the brand voice will be easier to include.
  5. Apply brand messages everywhere. We’re always watching for visual violations of brand standards. Our copy should get the same eagle-eye treatment. When you’re reviewing content, be as vigilant about finding brand messages as you are about stretched logos and typos. Edit as needed to bring out the brand personality. Every time.
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